Certified Windshield Repair

Certified Windshield Repair

July 18, 2012


Stars – Bullseye – Cracks – Stone Chips – Half Moon – Wiper Scratches – Windows Replacement

The year is 2000, and despite all the marvelous scientific breakthroughs, most people are not aware that stone-damaged windshields can be successfully repaired!

Over 75% of all stone-damaged windshields, including those crack up to two-feet long can be successfully repaired by “HAIL RAISERS”!

Windshield repair is accomplished without removing the glass from the Automobiles, Trucks or Vans. There’s no chance for water leakage, as the factory seal is never broken. The completed windshield repair provides a strong permanent bond that prevents furt

Fleet owners, used car dealers and car rental agencies have been saving thousands of windshields annually by using the windshield repair process, and possibly the best of all is that windshield repair is only a fraction of replacement cost-usually less than

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