Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who is Hail Raisers Automotive Dent & Ding Removal?

A: Hail Raisers Dent Removal is a fully insured mobile dent repair service that comes to your home or business to repair minor dents and hail damage. Your technician has over 20 years of experience in autobody repair & PDR servicing WI & IL.


Q: What kinds of dents can you repair?

A: We can repair most dents on the metal surfaces of vehicles. There are limitations due to the size, depth, and location of the damage on your vehicle.


Q: Do you take dents out of bumpers?

A: Yes, we can repair some dented bumpers. We call this bumper reshaping provided that the bumper is not cracked and there are not holes or paint missing and the bumper is plastic.


Q: How is paintless dent repair done?

A: (PDR) Paintless dent repair is done with training of the use of special rods and hand tools that are used to get behind the dent and massage the damage back to its original finish. This is a no paint process that will, on average, take about an hour for dings and a day or two for hail repair. Because there is no paint used, it is a more environmentally friendly process than traditional bodyshop repairs.


Q: How much does PDR cost?

*An average repair costs $80 – $150 for dents up to the size of a quarter.
*Dents larger than a quarter will be $125 – $500 and will be priced upon inspection.
*There is an additional cost for bodyline dents, crease dents, and dents located on bracing and fender edges.
*There is also an additional 25% charge for damage on aluminum panels.
*When it is necessary to remove and install parts of the vehicle in order to access the damage, there will be a charge for the removal and installation of such parts.
*In the event that we come to you for our scheduled repair and no repair is performed due to access issues, the severity of the damage, or for any other issue, then there will be a service charge for coming to you.


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A. At this time, check or cash only are accepted forms of payment.


Q: I have hail damage on my car, how do I get it repaired?

A: Assuming that you have full coverage insurance, which is the case with most people, your insurance company will cover your hail damage repair under the comprehensive portion of your insurance policy. This will not affect your premium as it is considered a catastrophic event.
*Contact your insurance company’s claims center
*Arrange for an adjuster from your insurance company to inspect your vehicle’s damage.
*Call 847-877-6901 or fill out our contact form to set up an appointment to have us inspect your vehicle. Please be sure to have your estimate from your insurance company available.
*We will help you through the claims process as we work with all insurance companies.
*Although your insurance company can recommend where you may take your vehicle, you have the right to have your vehicle repaired with any company of your choice.
*An average hail repair will take 1 to 3 days. At Hail Raisers Automotive Dent And Ding Specialist , At  Paintless minor dent  Removal we specialize in hail repair and our goal is to provide you with a quality repair at a reasonable price that will get you back on the road in less time than a traditional bodyshop repair.

Insurance Questions:

By working closely with the auto insurance companies nationwide we are able to help with our customers claims and repair the vehicle the way the insurance companies prefer the recovery which is the process “PDR”. Our technicians have 20+ years experience with the paintless process that keeps the original paint and clear coat. Today all major insurance carriers prefer “PDR” Paintless Dent Repair. In fact, they encourage it!

Will my auto hail damage claim make my insurance go up?

NO, Hail storms are considered a catastrophic event. So the damage to your vehicle is a comprehensive claim, unlike a collision that would raise your personal policy rates. What the insurance companies generally do is increase rates on everyoneʼs policy in the area affected by the storm. You may already have noticed an increase even though you havenʼt had your vehicle repair.

What if I choose not to get my car fixed?
Most insurance companies are obligated to put an “un-repaired damage” restriction on your policy. This would mean any future claims will be denied until your hail damage is repaired. Also you are in-breach of your contract with your lein holder if your vehicle is not repaired. This lowers the value of your automobile when selling or trade-in.

This is especially true for leased automobiles. When you turn in the vehicle after the lease is up, you will be responsible for the cost of repairs at that time. Again the value of that vehicle will be lowered.

With the Hail Raisers, we will REPAIR YOUR CAR to its original condition.

Why the HailRaisers?

The insurance companies want you to go to a “hail specialist”, and that is exactly what we are! Our technicians have at least fifteen years experience in a very specialized field. The paintless dent process works by placing a special tool behind the dent and massaging it back to its original smooth finish. Your vehicle will retain its value because the factory paint and clear coat are preserved. What you donʼt want is a body shop to fill the dents with bondo and paint your vehicle or replace parts. Some auto body shops will even skin the roofs (literally replacing the roof), requiring the repairs to go on CarFax, permanently decreasing the value.

Our clients are amazed at the end results from our process using Paintless Dent Repair.

Paintless Dent Repair and Auto Hail Repair

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is a process of working with specially designed tools that can be maneuvered behind the dent so pressure can be applied to the defected area. This process reshapes and molds the metal back to its original finish. It is a fast, easy and cost-effective way to restore your vehicle’s appearance and value by removing dents, dings, creases, hail damage and other body flaws without the use of bondo or the need for repainting. Paintless Dent Removal gets rid of body damage, instead of concealing it, while preserving your vehicle’s structural integrity and original finish, all at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional body shop repairs.